Bargain chest of drawers!

Get ready for the pic onslaught of the century! As promised today I painted my chest of drawers (well just the drawers). my dad disassembled it before I had a chance to take a pic of its complete original look but never mind! I got this small bedside table come chest of drawers from the car boot for £2 which in my books is a bargain!!



I used an old Costa drinks pot to mix the colours for the middle draw as shown here. The paints that I used were just tester pots for the matte paint that you can get at B+Q for £1.10 a pot.  I bought two pots of Lilac bloom and one pot of ‘jazzy’ which is the darker purple.


Here are the draw fronts in their original condition, on the top one I started painting before I remembered to take pictures..Whoops!


A close up of the top one showing the two colours for comparison.


Here is the two completed ones (I mixed half jazzy half lilac bloom).


And here are all of them completed although I noticed that they went much lighter than this and required two layers of paint. (This pic is only the one layer).


Tomorrow the finished product!


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