10 things you learn about living on your own.

1. Washing up in the sink sucks a lot.
2. Mornings are hard.
3. Food runs out either by decomposing or by you eating it late at night.
4. Even if you only live in a small 2 bed flat it will look like a bomb had hit it constantly until you have more than two days off in a row.
5. You will do many, many things to keep yourself warm without putting on all of the heating on in your flat.
6. You wake up thinking you have all day to do something and you end up not doing it (see number 4).
7. The first few weeks are the hardest and you will look forward to a visit by your parents even if it’s just to screw in lightbulbs and take you out for lunch.
8. Mornings are very hard when No one is there to give you a coffee.
9. Having a pet may be your only solace even if they are a Hamster.
10. Sleeping in your own bed in the quiet is awesome!



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