First day on supply



Well I had three interviews last week and got none of them and it was my birthday so I kinda had a rough week. I went out on saturday and bailed with my BF at 2am I said it was because I was feeling sick but actually it was because I was feeling like a failure. 

Today I did my first ever supply lesson which was in a local school to me. It was Art which isn’t my subject and year 8 who I have never taught before. There was a note on the register which said “This group is has a lot of complex issues, they need lots of encouragement”. I noticed that next to nearly every name on the register were some letters some which I know like; ‘BSED, MLD, ASD” and others which I haven’t a clue about but I am sure I can guess what they were. I knew I was in for an interesting lesson but I wasn’t sure how interesting. I feel for kids like these, they have very little chance of succeeding at school. The intelligent ones that have difficulties and just need a bit of help are put in with those that have no idea and no way of ever becoming functional members of society. With this I know they have a job available for September. This is the type of class I may get given. These are the types of pupils I may get. I know I will apply but really? This school got a 2 (good) in its last ofsted… 


2 responses to “First day on supply

  1. The kids probably feel like failures too – maybe you could use that as a collective strength? Lotus grow out of mud you know!

    • That’s very true actually. Don’t know if I’m going back there as it was only cover. It wasn’t that bad I just feel for them I’m sure they had a great time lol :).

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