Second supply



Got the call again this morning went in to cover two lessons of citizenship and RE one of those subjects is the job that is going at the school. The first lesson had no work until I went and asked for it and no register, they ended up doing a past paper which most of them attempted or completed. I had to remove 3 of the students from the room after repeated warnings because they couldn’t complete the paper in exam conditions. They were also very rude and answered back on several occasions. When that was over I was happier. 


The next lesson was year 8 RE who were doing text book work. The class were chatty but pleasant and I even had a few laughs with them, again I had no formal register. I feel that this school, which if you remember from the last post got a 2 at its last inspection, is lazy. I remember the work that I had to set for the cover supervisors at school had to have LO’s, a breakdown of the task, more than one task and had to include all the resources before the lesson and registers were all done on SIMS. None of this has occurred in the two days that I have worked here! I’m still half and half about whether to apply I probably will. 


I love the little things that happen when you’re in love, like the texts you get, the plans you make and the funny little inside jokes you have. The best thing is the feeling you get when you’re all snuggled up just being there with each other :). 


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