Busy Bee

Well I have epic news that I have been waiting to tell everyone for a couple of weeks and which you will have to wait a bit longer yet. Its so epic that I almost can’t believe it but boy did I work hard for it. All I’m saying is that my supply days are coming to an end.


In other news I like many people on the internet want to flog you something, I have opened up an Etsy shop that specialises in vintage costume jewelry and handmade brooches. Here is the link:  https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Pecanhut.

As usual I have been bargain hunting and knitting. I got this coat from the carboot sale for £5!! and i love it! Its much brighter than the picture actually shows and its wooly I can just imagine playground duty with it on in the winter #awesome! Below that is the little mousey that I knitted for my dad. He likes little creatures and things so if I have time I will make him a couple of creatures for fathers day. I have begun a beekeepers quilt using up all the DK leftovers that I have as the 4ply version seemed like it would take forever, plus I have more DK yarn than anything else. I am unsure whether to stick to the ‘nice’ yarn I have or to also include the acrylic that I also have dotted around the place.




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