new job and random life ramblings

So I started my new full time, permanent position teaching Social Sciences in an outstanding Academy. As the term winds down I find myself thinking about my new abode, which I will hopefully be moving into around September or October, (I haven’t found one yet but I want to be out of my parents house ASAP). So this blog will be back to what it originally intended it to be about which is me embarking on adult life, decorating my own corner of the universe and all the DIY’s and crafts that I partake in and the thrifting that I love doing! Maybe a few bits of fashion thrown in for good luck.

I recently lost a friend suddenly she chose to take her own life which was a massive shock to me and the rest of the people in her life. I feel like I should have done more to reach out and make sure that she was ok. I feel like I should have made more of an effort. Then I realise that I’m talking about myself again. Its very sad if you are suffering please talk to those around you. We cannot read minds. 

I also am still very happy with my boyfriend who I have now been with for 6 months ( nearly 7) and still thoroughly enjoying his company and spirit. When we’re together it feels like no one else is in the world. I can be myself around him which is silly, happy, laughing and joking but I can also be sad and low and he doesn’t care. He always supports me and I love him for it. 


Thank you all for being there when I was low we’re now on a high and I hope that it stays this way. 



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