Brighton trip

So I’m going for a long weekend to Brighton tomorrow with my boyfriend :)) and as part of my packing I have to take something to occupy my hands and mind. Below is the craft pouch that I am taking with me.


Here is a view of the contents in the pouch.

20140731-123610-45370673.jpgThe contents are as follows;

* Set of coloured pencils (Bic tropicolours).

* Set of coloured sharpies, I particularly wanted the black one to do outlining on pictures and words.

* Two HB pencils one with rubber on the top.

* Pencil sharpener.

* Rubber.

* Miniature stapler with staples.

* Small scissors.

* Glue stick.

* Set of train stickers (we’re travelling by train).

*3 blank envelopes either to collect things or send home letters (I know its only 3 days but I thought it would be sweet).

*Blank sketch book with brown envelope stuck in the back cover.


Not pictured but I will also be taking:

* A plastic bag for collecting things like shells etc.

* knitting kit – I’m going to take my beekeepers quilt to knit (only a couple of hexipuffs for the journey).


I will do a knitting kit blog post later on :).

Happy summer to my fellow teachers!



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