Male attention




So I got to thinking the other day (dangerous I know) about my reaction to male attention. About 90% of the male attention that I have gotten over the years has been that of the cat calling, male chauvinist, misoginistic  type and yet when it happened something in my mind said;”wow, that guy likes you!” , “you’re attractive to someone!” and similar things. This reaction has made me do some really stupid things.

I remember one such incident (there have been so many but this one sticks in my mind) where I was around 14 and I was shopping with my parents. A man (around 25+)  starts following me around the store trying to catch my eye. He does so gives me a smile, I smile back. My heart starts to flutter but I know this is wrong so I move away. He follows me again and approaches me.

“I will buy you that top, I’ll give you money come to my car?”, ” Can I have your number?”

“no thanks”

“I will give you money, thats a nice top you have there can you afford it?”

“no thank you”

So I go back to find my mom in the store. Tell her what’s just gone on. “Well ask him on a date!”

I mean apart from the moment of pure WTF has just happened my mother coming out with another dose of WTF.. I didn’t ask him on a date and actually considered phoning the police at this point but of course I never did.

Recently something happened to me which made me consider how I feel about such interactions. I am now a grown professional woman, I have a degree, a PGCE and QTLS status along with other qualifications and talents and yet men seem to think that because I am a woman, regardless of my relationship status, that because they are giving me attention I will lie on my back and think this a compliment. Well I don’t I am very happy and secure in my relationship he is the most loving, kind and beautiful man I have ever met (theres more I could be here for days telling you all the lovely things he is). Yet a man who barely knows me wants me to forget all this and go and be his one night  love. I don’t think so deary and actually this made me quite sad because my reaction to it initially was to be flattered by this attention but then I realised what was happening and soon snapped out of it.


I love my boyfriend and will never hurt him or break his heart. He is my everything don’t ask me to because you will not win.


One response to “Male attention

  1. Inevitably there are men who will breach your personal boundaries and space if they are allowed. But not every one all the time!

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