High horses on clouds

So I’ve been thinking about things again (always a dangerous past time) mostly about people who I went to high school with. As I love with my parents in the smallish town that I grew up in, occasionally, I bump into people I went to high school with. Some have done well getting degrees and careers, some are teachers like me and nurses and the such. others have done sort of middling maybe dropped out of uni or didn’t go and have got decent jobs they pay the bills and have good times on the weekend. There are others who frankly have done nothing and when you see these people out and about and you notice their full body tattoos, multiple piercings and homicidal maniac look you think to yourself well maybe I have done ok. Does that make you judgemental and horrible? We all have out own standards of success I suppose. I realise being a sociology graduate that there are many reasons for this mainly socio- economic and aspirational bit does it make me feel any less superior?


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