Finally some crafting and Blythe Dolls!

So I now have two Japanese Blythe dolls and i think these are the two that I’m going to stick with for a while. The doll on the left is my first one and I have named her Rain as it was hacking it down when she arrived. She is a custom PAM (Princess Al La Mode) and she has sleep eyes. My second doll is a factory doll (meaning that she isn’t technically a Blythe but she is because she was made in the same factory and has the stamp its just that she has been made out of parts that were smuggled from the factory to somewhere else). I am so excited to have them both I was inspired by them on Ravelry and a friend of mine had one. I looked at them for ages until i decided to get one and now I have two!

To add to my crafty ways I will be knitting for them (I have already started a hat) but I will also be making some miniatures. Below is an example, I have made a small trunk that is about the right size for Blythe dolls. I have made it out of; a small matchbox, a paperclip, poster paint, mustard coloured nail varnish, sharpie and 4 rounded silver stickers.


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