Local finds 


So I went to a new store that has opened up run by the charity DADS (Linked to their FB page) which is essentially a large warehouse space that they have crammed a lot of furniture in.  Whilst the store is basic (and slightly leaky I noticed) there was a significant amount of stuff to rifle through. One notable piece was a baby grand piano, it definitely needed tuning but looked otherwise in OK condition. In the shop you have to ask for the price and can offer them what you would like to pay for it. Delivery was quoted at £3.5o although I do not know whether they would deliver further than 10 miles.


Secondly I saw this which for the unknowing is a LP and tape deck built into a cupboard. In working order and pack tested they wanted £20 for it.

This is the item that I actually bought. Its a 1950’s? Cocktail cabinet I loved the design of the insert inside the cabinet.







I was asked if i was going to paint it. I don’t think I will paint it but I might replace the handles as they were made from a cheap metal and a couple were falling off anyway. I just loved it!! £10 plus £3.50 delivery and they are keeping it for me until I move in (I paid upfront) which was wondeful.



Hope to see you all soon :).


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