Flat in progress 

So I have been busy cobbling together furniture and things for my new flat along with studying the The magical art of tidying  by Marie Kondo also known as the KonMari technique which has been interesting to say the least.


Any way my first purchase to show you is this ‘plant pot holder’ from Ikea which I saw on Pinterest as a craft holder good for pens and felts which I use for zine making and pen paling. I put it together myself which I was pretty proud of! As I’m not the most DIY savvy person (I mainly let my dad attempt such things as he is retired and needs something to do). 

I have also been doing a bit of painting as I bought a sideboard/ cupboard from my friends shop (Catherine House big shop) it cost me £5. I bought some Dulux ‘accent wall’ paint as it was a smaller tin for £13 (B+Q) but seems to be enough to paint my whole flat with 2 coats.  Here is the first coat on the drawers. The colour is called Proud Peacock.

Here is a picture of my hobbity feet and the original colour of the cupboard when I took the right hand draw off.

Here is the finished article, I have just painted the doors on the cupboard and left the other parts of it because I felt that if I painted the whole thing it would be too bright which after painting the next piece of furniture.

This is a little cupboard that I got from DADS (see previous post for link) for £4 and I have painted it in the Proud Peacock as before. Underneath the previous colour was an off white and was patchy it also had a lot of old blue tack on the top for some reason which I had to scrape off with a knife because it had gone hard! Ewww!


I will post another picture of it dry as it was still slightly wet here hence the patchyness. 🙂

Speak to you soon!


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