Another upcycle 


So I bought another piece of furniture from DADS for £4 it was in a bit of a state but I knew I could paint it up to look better.  I didn’t realise that it was veneer so I couldn’t sand off the excess with a belt sander. I had to do it all by hand. I started off by using wire wool, then my dad came round because I didn’t trust myself to use varnish remover safely.  We used coloron remover form wilkos which did the job well. You have to put quite a thick layer on the wood and make sure it doesn’t move we painted it on with a brush then removed it with a scraper. I did a second go over with wire wool before painting it (two coats).

This is what the unit looked like when I bought it. I’m not entirely sure why it doesn’t have two doors but it has never had two as there are no holes or catches.   I will eventually paint the top i think but it took so long to do the drawers and door I left it. Plus the fact I have typewriter and a record player on the top so you cant really see it at the moment.




Here is the finished article.  Not sure what I am going to do with the handles yet so I just replaced the old ones.



Hope you enjoy!!


4 responses to “Another upcycle 

  1. I LOVE IT! The new lick of paint really brought it back to life, and those drawer handles are just the thing.

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