Clothes and stationary haul/ charity shopping 

So I ventured out today to the local charity shops to see what there was out there. I went into the town centre first and purchased these three chalices for 99p for the set! I thought they would be good for religious rites.

  I then went to Newlife in Cannock which is a store where they sell new items from shops such as new look, top shop, river island, gap and holister but these shops do change.

I saw this bag and considered buying it and had it been slightly cheaper I may have considered it as I felt it was quite punk with the tartan but I didn’t like the plastic straps they seemed cheap. £11.99

I purchased this one instead I thought it still had a utilitarian look I might swap out the sash (the thing that holds it on to your body) for one that’s slightly thinner. £9.99 

I then saw this jumper with gold zip detail it’s quite thin but with a black tank underneath and a pair of blue jeans it wil look amazing £6.99

  Then I saw this jumper/ dress with jersey arms. I guess it was in the store because there was a slight stitching error but this is an easy fix I would pair this with some leggings and boots that I have previously bought from Newlife. £4.99.

  At the cash desk there was a basket full of hair bands and I saw this hair scarf (not that I’m any good at tying them) £1! A bargain!

For some added hilarity I found these doughnut glasses for 99p had all of the doughnuts been on them I may have purchased they did make me laugh tho!


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