Some more jumper skirts

So I started off by going to the charity shops in staff0rd as there are so many and I knew there would be a good selection of good quality jumpers in order to continue this new skill I seem to have acquired.

I bought 2; one in grey and made in 100% lambswool and cost £5.  

This next one was a H+M jumper both were from the mens section.

Here is a gratuitous picture of my cat sitting on one of them cos she’s a cat!

So after repeating the previously learnt technique from Molly Makes magazine below are some not so great pictures taken with my IPhone the top one is the lambs wool jumper. I like the length of it and am pleased that it looks good because I had to shape it.

Here is the H+M one which is slightly shorter but looks good it has a more pronounced cable design on it which makes the skirt look more handmade then the grey one. I just need to find out what to do with all these left over jumper sleeves.


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