Pastel goth/ grunge charity haul 

So pay day finally came around and I went charity shopping in my local town! 

My first purchase was from Katherine house hospice shop and i got this denim beauty for £4!!!! Of course my cat is sitting on it but you get the picture. It had more of an 80’s vibe because of the wide sleeves but I like it. I’m pretty sure it is from the 80’s anyway.  
The next thing I got was this small shoulder bad from Newlife for £2.49 it’s great for going out and has two pockets.   

This next thing is from new look and so not from a charity shop but it was reduced to £9.00 . 

This is another shiny purse just a coin purse this time which is good for when I want to go out but don’t want to take all of my cards and things with me.   

And finally I went to the pound shop and got a black headband (which had some brown netting on it) and some fake flowers that were on some string. I pulled the roses off and glue gunned them to the head band. I also had a cheap necklace which had some spikes on it which I will remove and put on some wires so I can wind them round the head band making a cool headband all for £3!  

I also got this cute bunny patch which I’m going to put on my denim jacket.   


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