Star Trek TOS drinking game 

TOS drinking game 
One shot 

 Kirk snogs a lady/ alien 

Alien planet is clearly the nearest forest/ town / parking lot 

Alien that looks human

Terrible prop

Spock says the words fascinating, illogical or indeed 
Two shots 

When bones says “damnit Jim” 

When ladies throw them selves at a member of the bridge crew 

Terrible alien- that doesn’t look human 

Kirk gets his shirt ripped 

Spock used Vulcan nerve pinch 

Shields at less than 50%  
Finish drink 

Obvious continuity error 

“I’m a doctor not a…” 

A red shirt dies 

Scotty complains about the warp engine ability but does it anyway 

Something necessary on the ship is inoperable/ missing/ drained 
Note: I do not condone the drinking of alcholoic beverages! 


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