Building a tortoise house

So as usual I show my dad (who is a very knowledgable man) a picture and I say; “can you make me this?!” He’s always given it a go and that’s why I love him. Today and tomorrow we will be building a tortoise ‘house’. At the moment my tort Shelby (male, picture below hugging me) is on a tortoise table and my cat Ainsworth is a bugger for for getting in it and even sometimes using it as a big litter box. As most young people my age I found the idea on Pinterest.

Here’s my dad taking off the plug that was attached to the unit looking as he does most times deep in thought. 

Below is an image of the unit (as much as I could get in the photo) in its original state. We had already taken the frontages off as I knew we wouldn’t be using them. 

The next part was to cut the top part away from the bottom part where the drawers and cupboard bits used to be. As luck would have it, it had been made in two parts and there was a good line to cut across.

Half way though the exercise I realised that it was very bad weather outside and my cat was not in any of her usual spots and with all the commotion going on I thought I’d better have a look around. Luckily I turned round and spotted her before getting too flustered. It’s a good thing I know she’s not got any fleas! 

  • Part deux tomorrow! 

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