Part deux 

So it looks like there will be more than two parts to building this tortoise pad but if you want to do a job properly! 

So Ainsworth as usual likes any activity that goes on and contains boxes hers what the tortoise house looks like at them moment. I’m still considering how to add the lights and mesh frontage but I’m sure something will come to me sooner or later! 

My original idea was to cut out a square in the inside bit but dad said that this would make it too weak. So dad used his jigsaw and a drill to cut out a little archway big enough for Shelby to get through. I’m not too fussed about the holes in the bottom as I’m going to add a layer of pond liner so they shouldn’t bother him. 

We used one of the shelves to create a lip to stop the substrate from going all over my floor. Me and dad will be creating a hinged door on the tortoise house with mesh covering the space this will hopefully stop the cat from getting in and messing about with the tortoise and the substrate! 

Shelby of course is not fussed by any of this! 


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