Craft room update 

Despite my best efforts to ignore them and hope they go away the boxes full of stuff in my craft room we’re still there! It been over a month since I moved in and my machine knitting classes have started again so I needed to get a bit more into gear. I’ve also started my masters and so needed to clear room so that I could start to study. 

I asked my dad to put up my pin board again for me and so I have filled it with my cones of yarn and things that I will need to hand quickly. (Not pictured some more yarn I found in another box 😂😂) 

I used one of the book cases that I used to have in my living room/ diner in the old flat and have installed it into the craft room with the hopes of containing my current stash. Clearly I over estimates how much jazz I actually have but never mind it’s a start! 

Next I will be setting my my knitting machine (I’ve bought an electronic one which if it works I may sell the standard brother I have or I may put that in the other room as I now have two! Spare. I also have a bond which I bought from a friend as it was supposed to help me cut down on my hand knitting stash but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. 
Next time xoxo 


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