Garden half term update

So I finally purchased a mini green house and a. Impish bin I put it together myself it was very easy to do even for me and my lack of logical thought processes.

As you can see from this image my cauliflower and beets are doing pretty well. I hope to get some good crops but lord knows what happens if they all work I’ll be giving it away or eating cauliflower pizza for months!

I’ve cleared more of the bottom part of the garden and unfortunately had to use weed killer as other wise the carpet of tiny weeds would never go anywhere. My arms are in a lot of pain from all the hoeing and raking I did yesterday. Mummy helped but she had to pick up my nephew so couldn’t help for long.

I found these in Homebase and they were discounted so I nabbed a few I will start them off indoors then move them to my greenhouse before planting them in the garden. I got Chilli’s, pumpkins, courgettes and herbs.

This was my shopping trolley filled with goodies the slug killer also made it in as I had an issue with them last year. The pot is for my mum for Mother’s Day I intend on planting if not growing her something.



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